6 Essentials for an injury-free return to running

  In this article I am going to give you 6 strategies to make a successful and injury free return to running following injury. Running is a stressful activity on the body. While runners find their pursuit rewarding, the activity of running places considerable stress on us – physiologically, emotionally, and mechanically – bone, ligament, tendon and cartilage stretching, torsion, shock, & compression. It is estimated that with every footfall there is a reaction force back through the leg of … Read More

The best foam roller exercises to prevent running injuries

The foam roller is now a standard piece of equipment in the athletes tool box. It is an excellent adjunct to any stretching routine and can be used before, after, and between exercise sessions. Foam rolling is like a self massage and is effective in releasing muscle/connective tissue tension & knots, hence increasing range of motion and function. At the tissue level the benefits include increased oxygenation through increased blood flow, flushing of waste products, and softening of adhesions & … Read More

6 key stretches to reduce running injuries.

Running is one of the most simple, popular and convenient forms of exercise there is. Runners will tell you there nothing quite like it to relieve tension, build fitness, and feel good, however running is a stress on the body and it carries a high risk of injury. For the committed runner, a forced rest through injury can be disruptive, frustrating and expensive. In this series of blogs I’ll share the advice, exercises, and resources I give my patients to … Read More