Payment is due following each consultation. We accept cash, cheque, eftpos, credit card (Mastercard/Visa).

Yes. In order to provide you with excellent quality care we need to charge a fee over and above what ACC pays us. The surcharges equate to the shortfall between what ACC pays us and our standard private fees. Our basic fees are as follows.

$48 – standard initial consultation
$30 – standard follow-up consultation
($92 – extended initial ACC consultation. 40 – 60 minutes)

$92 – standard initial consultation
$70 – standard follow-up consultation
($145 – extended initial consultation. 40-60 minutes)

* Extended consultation fees may apply for complex or multi-site injuries and are shown in brackets.
* 24 hr cancellation policy / Missed appointments – 24 hrs notice is required to change appointment times. We reserve the right to charge for missed appointments up to the full value of the consultation.

That will depend on your cover. You will need to check your policy or talk to your insurance company.

Allow 45 minutes and aim to arrive 5 minutes before your appointment time to complete the practice registration form. Your physiotherapist will assess/examine you, make a diagnosis, set goals & make plan, and then get started with your treatment.

No. We are able to register your accident with ACC if you know exactly how and when it happened. Give us a call if you wish to discuss your eligibility for ACC cover.

Bring along any paperwork such as ACC information, x-ray reports, or letters that your have been given by other providers. Arrive in suitable clothing, although we do have shorts and modesty gowns should you need them. Bring any footwear that may be relevant to your injury.

There is parking available (enter off Grange Rd) on the premises and in surrounding residential streets. Beware of Clearway times on Mt Eden Rd.

Monday through Friday, 7.20am – 6.30pm.

There is wheelchair access from the Mt Eden Medical Centre car park.