Hi, We thought it was time to check in again since we haven’t seen you in over a month now. We just want to make sure you are happy to continue self-managing until we meet again in Level 2.

You don’t need to reply to this message, but please do reach out if you need help. For simple free advice, you can reach us any time by phone, email, or text. For more than that we are available for Telehealth appointments using Zoom where our usual clinic fees apply. While physiotherapy over a screen is not usually ideal, we can still get a good grasp of most problems, provide you with the right advice, deliver rehab programmes, plus more.

Under Telehealth conditions at Levels 3 & 4 we can –

  • Register and manage new injuries, including ACC injuries.
  • Provide you with advice to get you through.
  • Exercise programmes – build & deliver rehab programmes via our online system.
  • Communicate with your GP.
  • Provide specialist referrals
  • Refer you to radiology for x-rays / ultrasound imaging.
  • Source rehab products from our suppliers who will provide contactless delivery to your door.

So, be in touch if you need to. Otherwise, we hope to see you back in the clinic at LEVEL 2 to complete your rehab.


Nigel, Cathy, Sharon & Brighid

Prohab Physio