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Online - Fees Per Consultation

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ACC – surcharge for you to pay over and above ACC cover
$48 – standard initial consultation
$30 – standard follow-up consultation
$92 – standard initial consultation
$70 – standard follow-up consultation

Terms & Conditions

Claim rejection policy
I will be responsible for payment of accounts for any and all physiotherapy services received should my
claim be rejected by ACC or any other physiotherapy treatment funder.

Appointment text or email messaging
You will be sent appointment reminders by text or email message. Please notify staff if this is not available to you or if you have a specific requirement.

Non attendance & Cancellation policy
Prohab Physio reserves the right to charge for missed appointments.

Please advise your Physiotherapist if you
Are pregnant, have a pacemaker or artificial implants, are on any long term medication,
or have any ongoing health problems.

Consent is required *
In accordance with the Privacy Act, all information recorded in your health records will be kept confidential. Your
records will only be accessed by the physiotherapist providing your care and by those staff responsible for filing. All
personnel in this practice are within their employment contract bound to maintain strict patient confidentiality. Under
the Privacy Act you have the right to access to, and correction of, your personal information held by this clinic. No
information will be given to a third party without your permission