This email is to let you know that having returned from Covid-19 lockdown, we are able to see patients again at our Mount Eden clinic


As always, we will do our very best to see your patients promptly, and provide them with expert manual therapy, exercise rehabilitation, and best practice advice.


Of particular interest, for those who may have lost condition over the lockdown period, is our Total Gym based programmes. Our Total Gym Super 6 programmes are 6 session rehab courses utilising our Total Gym GTS system, the perfect apparatus to help patients bounce back from injury, illness or surgery. Over 6 1:1 sessions, patients are introduced to our Total Gym equipment, and carefully guided you through a structured, safe exercise programme designed to restore strength, flexibility and function.

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Referrals are welcome –

Patients can call us on 6233267, or self-book using our simple online booking system



Nigel Nairn

Principal Physiotherapist

Prohab Physio