Covid-19 Screening for face to face treatment

Covid-19 Screening for face to face treatment Patient Name * Patient Name First First Last Last Patient date of birth Patient phone number Date Screened * Are you willing to disclose your vaccination status? * Yes No Are you fully vaccinated * Yes No Do you have a probable or confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19? * Yes No Have you been notified by MOH as a casual contact? * Yes No Are you or anyone else in your bubble required to … Read More

Melissa James

Melissa currently resides in Canada after 3 years teaching Pilates and Barre in London for one of the City’s top boutique fitness providers, Ten Health & Fitness. There she was a popular & sort after instructor, known for her focus on technique, enthusiastic classes, and the way she could relate to a variety of different clients.Before that Melissa spent 10 years teaching in the Dance and Fitness sectors in Auckland.One of the benefits of experiencing a long lockdown in the … Read More

Online Pilates

This is a specialised post-rehab Pilates service. It aims to build on your rehab and transition you safely back to exercise.   Designed for telehealth, you can complete your 1:1 class anywhere you have an internet connection. Your session will link you with Melissa James (bio), a qualified/exerienced Pilates instructor. She will be briefed by your physiotherapist to provide you with safer, targeted and personalised sessions. About Pilates Pilates is a method of exercise that consists of low-impact flexibility and … Read More

Total Gym Super 6 – a ‘Strength & Flexibility’ programme

Total Gym Super 6 is a six week course designed to improve your strength, flexibility, and function. This is an excellent way to help you confidently transition from injury back to your usual activities such as gym, walking, or sports.   Our Super 6 programmes are 6 session rehab courses utilising our Total Gym GTS system, the perfect apparatus to help you bounce back from injury, illness or surgery. Over 6 one to one sessions, we will introduce you to … Read More

Common Running injuries

Achilles Tendinopathy ITB Syndrome Patellofemoral syndrome Plantar fasciitis   Stress fracture Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome

HTML – Telehealth Promo Message

Hi, We thought it was time to check in again since we haven’t seen you in over a month now. We just want to make sure you are happy to continue self-managing until we meet again in Level 2. You don’t need to reply to this message, but please do reach out if you need help. For simple free advice, you can reach us any time by phone, email, or text. For more than that we are available for Telehealth … Read More

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