Total Gym Super 6 is a six week course designed to improve your strength, flexibility, and function. This is an excellent way to help you confidently transition from injury back to your usual activities such as gym, walking, or sports.


Our Super 6 programmes are 6 session rehab courses utilising our Total Gym GTS system, the perfect apparatus to help you bounce back from injury, illness or surgery. Over 6 one to one sessions, we will introduce you to our Total Gym equipment, and carefully guide you through a structured exercise programme designed to improve your strength, flexibility and function. The Total Gym uses your own body weight to provide the gentle graded resistance needed after time away from activity. The Total Gym is a safe time tested mode of exercise which draws on proven training principles to maximise your strength, flexibility and function. The programmes can be customised for age, injury history, and health issues. Irrespective of age or ability, almost anyone can benefit from this programme. The weaker you are, the more you have to gain!


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In this step we get as much information as possible in order to establish a clear injury diagnosis, set your goals, and formulate a plan.


Pre-course info gathering

  • Injury & training profile

Clinic assessment  

  • Q&A

Clinic examination

  • Static posture / muscle balance assessment

Field assessment

  • Footwear assessment
  • Running analysis – observation / video analysis / motion sensor data analysis


  • Injury category & contributing factors

Goal setting & rehab planning

This step is where all the hard work is done. Together we implement your rehab plan.

Advice – Do’s & Don’ts

  • Self-management strategies

Hands-on therapy

  • Manual therapy, needling, electrotherapy

Exercises & drills

  • Custom built exercise / drill based rehab programme
  • Orthotics, bracing, taping & footwear advice

Training Plan

  • Graduated ‘Return to Run’ plan & post-rehab training plan

In this last step we assess your progress by retesting against your initial assessment findings. Most importantly we review your goals and replan if necessary.

Reassess running capacity

  • Review your signs & symptoms, and establish your injury status.


  • Static posture / muscle balance
  • Running analysis – observation / video analysis / motion sensor data analysis


Review Goals! 


Tools & Resources

Following data analysis, your physiotherapist can provide you with more effective, targeted rehab strategies. These may include soft tissue and joint mobilisations, muscle needling, prescription exercise programs, orthotics and taping, training modifications, and self-management strategies.

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